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This deviation was deleted

This work is amazing, is the first think it come to my mind.

The technique is really well done. The colors create a nice contrast, they define the light and dark areas of the pic. Applejack is in the hot area, the light illuminates her, she is the focal point of the paint. The background, the cold area have green and blue tones, is mostly the shadows, is a nice touch, since they complement Applejack greatly.

The corset and socks, look beautiful in Applejack, the color tonalities, are taken from her eyes, I guess. Went Lauren create her, the colors she select were awesomely selected to make her look good, so using her natural colors is a win. The only issue is that the clothes is that they can be too alike with the colors of the grass, but after all they still look cute.

You captured her essence. Applejack's expression is really deep, she looks quite seductive and mature, specially with the inclusion of genitals. This is like an old school artist nude, but with ponies.

You did exactly what the great artist do, induce the viewer, different emotions, and make them look where you want. :D
The Artist thought this was FAIR
9 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.


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